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Identity and Credential Management Solution

We create tailored cybersecurity solutions aligning with your unique needs, budget, and industry standards. Our expertise lies in revolutionizing endpoint security, authentication, and access management using advanced cryptographic technology, ensuring robust digital protection against evolving threats.

Single-Sign On (SSO)

With TrustOrb, users can authenticate centrally instead of individual applications, eliminating the need for applications to handle login forms, user authentication, and user storage. Once users are logged in to TrustOrb, they can seamlessly access different applications without needing to log in again.

TrustOrb’s single sign-out feature ensures a streamlined logout process. When users log out once from TrustOrb, they are automatically logged out from all applications integrated with TrustOrb, providing a convenient and secure experience.

Credential Issuance and Identity Brokering

TrustOrb issues strong human and device identity using advance cryptographic means and simplifies the process of enabling login with transparent authentication process . Adding social network login is as simple as selecting the desired social network, without the need for any code changes to your application.
In addition, TrustOrb supports authentication with existing OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 Identity Providers. Configuring the Identity Provider is straightforward through the admin console, allowing for seamless integration and authentication with multiple identity providers.

Admin Interface

With TrustOrb, administrators have centralized control over the server through the intuitive admin console.
They can easily enable or disable specific features and configure identity brokering and user federation to streamline authentication processes.
Effortlessly create and manage applications and services, while defining granular authorization policies to ensure secure access control.
Additionally, administrators can efficiently manage user accounts, including permissions and sessions, providing comprehensive user management capabilities.

Account Management

With TrustOrb, users have access to the self-service console, empowering them to take control of their own accounts. Users also can control their login activities.

Furthermore, if social login or identity brokering is enabled, users can conveniently link their accounts with additional providers. This allows them to authenticate to the same account using different identity providers, enhancing flexibility and convenience in their authentication process.

Product offerings and services

By incorporating our authentication solution into your applications, you can significantly enhance the security of your services with minimal effort.

User Federation

TrustOrb seamlessly integrates with LDAP or Active Directory servers for user data connectivity. Custom provider implementation is also supported, allowing integration with various user stores, including relational databases.


Standard Protocols

TrustOrb is built on standard protocols and offers robust support for OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML. These industry-standard protocols ensure seamless integration and interoperability with a wide range of applications and identity providers.

Authorization Services

TrustOrb goes beyond role-based authorization, providing fine-grained authorization capabilities. Easily manage permissions and define custom policies through the admin console to achieve precise access control tailored to your specific needs.

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